Genoa Pharmacy

A different kind of pharmacy

Genoa Healthcare, operates a full-service pharmacy located at The Providence Center’s 530 North Main Street location that makes it faster and easier for clients to have prescriptions filled. The pharmacy is available to all Providence Center clients. As the largest mental health pharmacy in the country, Genoa specializes in serving mental health consumers. When our clients choose Genoa as their pharmacy, they enjoy benefits and convenience

Contact Information

Genoa Pharmacy
530 North Main Street
Providence, RI 02904

To speak with an intake specialist about the most appropriate program for your client, call (401) 276-4020.


Services for Genoa Pharmacy include:

  • A variety of packaging options organized by day or color to help clients remember how and when take their medications.
  • Medications dispensed daily, if needed.
  • Help with finding lower cost medications or manufacturer assistance programs for clients who do not have insurance.
  • Help with Medicare, Medicaid, HMO and insurance company billings.
  • The flexibility to have Providence Center case managers and nurses pick up their clients’ medications.
  • Pharmacists are always happy to answer questions and provide educational materials about medications.
  • A patient-oriented, flexible, friendly, efficient, reliable and responsive staff.