Residential Substance Use Treatment

A Compassionate Team of Experts

The Providence Center’s residential substance use treatment programs help men and women build the foundation for long-term recovery.

All Roads to Recovery residents work with clinicians to develop individualized treatment and discharge plans that meet their needs and goals for recovery. Access to TPC’s support services, including Anchor Recovery Community Center and primary care, ensure long-lasting recovery.

Contact Us

Women’s Road to Recovery
Admission: (401) 889-5792
Main line: (401) 889-5790 or (401) 889-5793

Men’s Road to Recovery
Admission: (401) 462-1020
Main Line: (401) 462-1021

We are now hiring residential assistants for the Road to Recovery program


Roads To Recovery

Men’s Road to Recovery

Located at Mathias Building in Cranston, RI, supports men with individualized treatment for addictions and co-occurring mental health needs. Services for men include addiction education, mental health services, cultural needs, relapse and trauma prevention, and comprehensive treatment services.

Women’s Road to Recovery

This is a residential program developed specifically for women in recovery. Located in Wyoming, RI, the program focuses on meeting the unique needs of women in recovery, such as trauma, domestic violence, developing positive relationships, pregnancy health, employment and education and parenting skills.

Services for both Roads to Recovery programs include:

  • Individualized treatment and discharge planning
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Case management services
  • Education on substance use, prevention & health education
  • Access to primary care
  • Peer support and recovery coaching
  • Basic living skills
  • Housing/homeless services
  • Access to support services, including vocational and legal services